WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) v4.2.8.4

Download Free WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) v4.2.8.4 – CodeCanyon | WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) v4.2.8.4 – in store using our easy to use and highly customisable Point of Sale plugin. Developed and Designed by actual users (and customers), this plugin has a lot to offer. Simply download, install and set your registers, outlets and product grids and you can start selling straight away.


No Monthy Fees No Monthly FeesLike WordPress and WooCommerce, this plugin is self-hosted – say goodbye to monthly fees.
Cloud Based Cloud BasedYour sales and register settings are always safe, available and up to date. Along with your products and orders.
Load Orders Load OrdersLoad your incomplete web orders straight to the register and fulfil your order right away. Control what status loaded orders need to be.
Flexibility FlexibilityBuilt for flexibility, our Point of Sale plugin can be used in any industry and business venture. Ask our existing users.
Sell Anything Sell AnythingSell your custom and variable products on the fly. Add meta fields such as Size and Colour to the product details.
Branding BrandingBrand and style your register to match the colour scheme of your shop front. Your personal touch of blue.

Expand Your Online Presence

Product Add-Ons Product Add-OnsIntegrate with WooCommerce Product Add-Ons to sell your simple, variable and complex products.
Currency Rounding Currency RoundingYour sales and register settings are always safe, available and up to date. Along with your products and orders.
Reporting ReportingOur plugin swiftly integrates with the already built-in reporting module in WooCommerce. Report by outlet or register.
Cash Management Cash ManagementManage the cash flow in your registers with our cash management tool. Just set your denominations and voila.
Barcode Scanning Barcode ScanningPrint barcodes for your products and scan them in to sell quickly and efficiently. Choose out of a variety of barcode label templates.
Order Notes Order NotesKeep a track of that special customer request by adding it as a note to the order. Never miss that important detail.

Advanced Features

Discounts & Coupons Discounts & CouponsOffer discounts in % or in your local dealing currency. This can be applied per product or per cart. You can also apply coupons.
Decimal Stocks Decimal StocksManage and accept decimal based stock for your weight based products, such as jewellery or vegetables.
Print & Email Receipts Print & Email ReceiptsSet the register to automatically print and email receipts. Define the number of receipts to print or even add a gift receipt.
Shipping ShippingDelivering the goods to the customer? Not a problem. Add shipping details to the order straight from the register.
Bill Screen Bill ScreenShow your customers what’s in the basket by connecting a new tab to an external pole display monitor. Perfect for finalising orders.
Quality Code Quality CodeOur plugins are developed and designed by actual retail users with the highest standards. Check out our change log.


WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) v4.2.8.4 6


Make bookings through the Point of Sale interface. Click here to purchase and download the plugin.

Points & Rewards

Ensure loyalty to your customers through the Point of Sale interface with the Points & Rewards plugin. Click hereto purchase and download the plugin.

Advanced Custom Fields

Create custom fields for your customers and orders and define whether you want this to save to customer or order. Click here to download the free plugin.

Checkout Field Editor

Modify the required and non-required checkout fields found on the customer panel. Click here to purchase and download the plugin.

Postcode Validation

Quickly populate the address fields for your customers through the postcode validation tool. Click here to purchase and download the plugin.


Enrol your customers to your subscribed products using our easy to use POS plugin. Click here to purchase and download the plugin.

Product Add-Ons

Supply and sell customise and complex products with the Product Add-Ons plugin and our POS plugin. Click here to purchase and download the plugin.

WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS) v4.2.8.4 7

= - 2018.03.09 =
* Fix - PayPal Pro payments were not sending the right expiry date.
* Fix - receipt was not printing when copies set to 2 after latest receipt template update.

= - 2018.03.06 =
* Fix - item note was staying when removing item.
* Fix - product cost keypad was responding incorrectly for some users.

= 4.2.7 - 2018.03.05 =
* Fix - variations not showing for some users when using tile variable mode.
* Feature - customer telephone appears on receipt.
* Feature - item note can be added to the product now in the register.
* Feature - hide and show cost column in receipt.
* Feature - added Snapchat and Instagram as social profiles to outlet.
* Tweak - grid and register styling tweaked.
* Tweak - receipt settings page refined.
* Tweak - setup wizard refined.

= - 2018.03.02 =
* Fix - Stripe payment gateway not working.
* Tweak - receipt table showing more key information.
* Tweak - add Snapchat and Instgram to the outlet settings.
* Tweak - currency included in subject of email reports.

= - 2018.02.24 =
* Feature - ability to enable and disable required fields on customer creation modal window.
* Fix - report via email was displaying customers incorrectly for some users.
* Fix - installation was enabled notes on default.

= - 2018.02.16 =
* Fix - Stripe payments were not working when users had terms page set.
* Tweak - terms confirmation toggle added on payment screen.

= - 2018.02.14 =
* Feature - ability to add preset discounts with decimal places.
* Fix - amount tendered notice would show if amount was higher for some useres.
* Fix - beta development of PassPRNT support.

= - 2018.02.07 =
* Fix - latest JS assets were not being pulled to cache based sites.

= - 2018.02.07 =
* Fix - latest Stripe stopped working on POS users.
* Fix - going back in product grid was not loading previous products for some users.

= 4.2.6 - 2018.01.30 =
* Fix - issue with get POS API.
* Fix - overwriting of orders when loading order and voiding it.
* Tweak - hooks for after billing and shipping added.
* Tweak - design interface for tiles and cash payment.
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