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Presenta Marketing Email-Template + EmailBuilder

Presenta Marketing Email-Template + EmailBuilder

Presenta Marketing Email-Template + EmailBuilder

Presenta Marketing Email-Template

The best decision for your business. The set includes all the stages of promotion and marketing. From product presentation and pre-order to its selling.

We have split the process of goods selling on 8 stages. Clean, modern, material design template has been created for each of them. 

Important! You are not limited to these sets. Different blocks can be placed on any of the email templates. So you can vary in complexity and email filling. We provide you with this builder, which allows to do it by dragging the blocks. It’s very easy, you definitely should try it! 

1. Pre-order. First photos of the goods, a brief description and a real-time countdown! You specify only the date of new items entry to your store and a proper time zone. 
When the recipient opens a letter, the timer does not start counting again, the countdown timer works constantly until a specific date! 
2, 3. Product presentation. A complete description of the product, its features and photos. In the header a slider is used to give a more dynamic type of email. 
4. Product Page. Page for goods selling contains the price, push-button for purchasing, option of other models. 
5. Order Confirmation. After purchasing customers receive a letter from their order, as well as information about related products to its purchase. This is a good tool to increase sales of your store. 
6. Reviews. You can make mailing with the customers reviews about the particular product, your service or your store. 
7. Promotion. We offer you to choose one of two discount types: with and without slider. 
8. Thanks letter. This template can be used for ordinary text messages, reminders and congratulations. 




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