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Publisher v7.7.0 RC7 | Final Vetsion – Newspaper AMP Magazine WordPress Theme

Publisher v7.6.2 - Newspaper Magazine WordPress Theme

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Publisher v7.7.0 RC7 – Newspaper AMP Magazine WordPress Theme | Free Download Publisher v7.7.0 RC7– Newspaper Magazine WordPress Theme Nulled. This is the latest version which was last updated on August 20, 2020 on Download Publisher WordPress Theme 7.7.0 RC7 Nulled. Publisher is the useful and powerful WordPress Newspaper, Magazine and Blog theme with great attention to details, incredible features, an intuitive user interface and everything else you need to create outstanding websites.

It does not matter if you want to create news website, online magazine or personal blog, review website, Publisher offers limitless customization options, layouts and headers with an easy to use Admin Panel. Publisher is the perfect combination of a beautiful and professional design with tons of powerful features and a bulletproof code base.

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All aspects and sections of Publisher was developed with high programming skills to load faster with using smaller server usages! Also publisher support Google AMP with exclusive plugin that we developed and bundled inside theme to load 4x faster in mobiles.

Publisher is fully responsive and will look perfect regardless of whether you’re using a huge desktop or a small phone. Desktops, iPads, iPhones, Android phones, doesn’t matter. Publisher will look great.

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The Publisher 7.7 – Release Candidate 7 Changelog

– Added: WP 5.5 compatibility

– Added: Financial Pack: Accept multiple keys support for IEX Cloud.

– Improved: ads caption should be center aligned.

– Improved: Gutenburg compatibility improved.

– Fixed: Ads are not loading in ajax related posts.

– Fixed: Notice: WP_Block_Type_Registry::register was called incorrectly.

– Fixed: Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) problem.

– Fixed: “Back to Top” is under the sticky sidebar.

– Fixed: SmartLists Pack: Wrong icon on Gutenberg blocks dropdown.

Updated Plugins

– Visual Composer 6.2.0

– Master Slider 3.3.0

– Rev Slider 6.2.21

– ACF Pro: 5.9.0

– Better Ads Manager

– Better AMP


– Financial Pack

– Better Social Counter

– Better Reviews

– Better Weather

– Blockquote Pack

– SmartLists Pack

– Better Playlist

- Fixed: The fatal error in the RC3 fixed.

The Publisher 7.7 – Release Candidate 3 Changelog

- Added: An option to choose an explicit "Page Layout" for posts of a category.
- Added: Advanced orderby option to order posts by custom field (meta_key=keyname) for all Listings.
- Added: Option to choose Newsticker items to be clickable or not.
- Added: Option to set custom post type for newsticker.

- Added: Complete Persian(Farsi) translation for Publisher theme admin pages.
         The plugins will be translated in future updates.

- Added: Complete WP 5.4 support.
- Added: Aparat site support added to the social counter block.
- Added: Aparat site support added to the social banner block.
- Added: Publisher Widgets support for WP Customizer.
- Added: New Yahoo Weather API support added to Better Weather Plugin.

- Improved: Display custom icon on the admin panels.

- Improved: BetterWeather plugin codes improved.
- Improved: Options UX for Newsticker block improved.
- Improved: UX of category meta box for using settings for the posts of category.
- Improved: A lot of minor code improvements.

- Fixed: Inline Related Posts not showing.
- Fixed: Breadcrumb responsive style issue on the boxed layout.
- Fixed: Publisher Widgets are not working in Customizer fixed.
- Fixed: Code Notice: Trying to access array offset on the value of type bool.
- Fixed: Some social share icons like Twitter are not showing in AMP.
- Fixed: Strange issue on the Pinterest share button.
- Fixed: Logo is not clickable on Mobile Devices when RTL style is active.

Updated Plugins:
- Better Social Counter
- Better AMP
- Better Weather

The Publisher 7.7 – Release Candidate 2 changelog:

- Added: Facebook Messenger added to sharte buttons.

- Improved: WooCommerce product page tabs style improved.

- Fixed: Console error in theme panel.
- Fixed: Mobile header menu icon position. Thank Iman & Issa

Publisher v7.7.0 RC1 Changelog:

- Added: Infinite Ajax Post Loading replaced with the new method (Works 2.5x Faster Now)
- Added: Cache plugin support added to Infinite Ajax Post Loading feature.
- Added: Option to override Ads of the non-static homepage.
- Added: Better Post Views: Option to change views meta key in the panel to other plugins meta key.
- Added: Better Playlist: Apparat Playlists support added.
- Added: Better Playlist: RTL Style supported added.
- Added: Auto screenshot Generator for Aparat videos
- Added: BetterAMP: Support for an image with data: URI
- Added: BetterAMP: Filter for Custom Permalink Structure.
- Added: BetterAMP:  Support for Gallery Block.

- Improved: The overall code of content injection feature improved.
- Improved: Minor improvement in Icon modal design.
- Improved: PHP 7.4 compatibility
- Improved: Better Post View codes improved.
- Improved: Smart Lists Pack: Codes improved and unite tests passed.
- Improved: Blockquote Pack: Interlinks Manager Plugin Compatibility
- Improved: Much minor code improvement
- Improved: The Letter Spacing in the Typography field improved to work better.
- Improved: Gutenberg Blocks and Sidebar style.
- Improved: Fix for WP paginate_links function to remove extra page/1/ from pagination to remove extra 301 redirects.
- Improved: Better updates check even while the style.css header was removed.
- Improved: BetterAMP: Playbuzz partial support.
- Improved: BetterAMP: Height & width attribute sanitization for amp-video, audio tags.
- Improved: BetterAMP: Auto change invalid tags to span tag in AMP.
- Improved: BetterAMP: Sanitize the whole site HTML not just body.
- Improved: BetterAMP: Validate video tag with no height&width attribute.
- Improved: Menu page builder mega menu field changed to ajax select field, the last 5-page limitation issue fixed.
- Improved: Footer @username looks wired in RTL style.
- Improved: Email button on About Us widget opens email application now.

- Fixed: Publisher and OneSignal conflict (Brooks Rank Math Admin)
- Fixed: WooCommerce outdated files issue.
- Fixed: 'woocommerce' text domain removed in theme and texts moved to Publisher translation panel.
- Fixed: BetterAMP: AMP Carousel (Slider) Issue on RTL styles fixed.
- Fixed: BetterAMP: Fix: Wrong page URL when page_on_front is on
- Fixed: BetterAMP: Undefined index: image issue
- Fixed: BetterAMP: unpack(): Type C: not enough input
- Fixed: BetterAMP: DOMElement::setAttribute(): string is not in UTF-8.
- Fixed: The Breadcrumb validation issue.
- Fixed: The Publisher advanced Term Select (Category filter) not works in Gutenberg.
- Fixed: JSON-LD @type values should be capitalized.
- Fixed: JSON-LD Date of posts should not be translated.
- Fixed: JSON-LD Search Action for Pages fixed.
- Fixed: JSON-LD Review posts error.
- Fixed: No duplicate posts issue in the pagination of category pages.
- Fixed: Better Social Counter: Youtube Followers count not showing properly.
- Fixed: Better Social Counter: Posts count not showing properly.
- Fixed: Better Social Counter: Multiple HTTP Connection to GoogleApis Server!
- Fixed: Better Social Counter: Weird Call to a member function error.
- Fixed: Smart Lists Pack: Find out the src when use images with caption.
- Fixed: Better Playlist: Google API Changes issue fixed (error on fetch).
- Fixed: Some W3C Validator Errors Fixes (more will be fixed in future).
- Fixed: Display draft posts in inline related posts on ajax requests.
- Fixed: The wrong query when using Taxonomies as a tab.
- Fixed: Theme Translation panel popup is not working when clicking on the close button.
- Fixed: Weird Call to a member function error.
- Fixed: Cats count is 1 less in the single post page.
- Fixed: Extra cart title in WooCommerce cart page
- Fixed: Gutenberg file does not found the issue.
- Fixed: Crypto Coiner's demo does not install the images
- Fixed: Invalid posts count in bf_get_term_posts_count function - no duplicate bug!
- Fixed: Header cart icon wraps to 2 lines.
- Fixed: Mobile header style issue on some demos
- Fixed: Clead video slider style issue.
- Fixed: Sahel Font woff2 is not foundok mik issue.
- Fixed: Error on views integration with Better post views
- Fixed: Comment ajaxified page refresh after reply.
- Fixed: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool error.
- Fixed: Instagram Widget not shows description of Images.

Updated Plugins:
- Better Ads Manager
- Better AMP
- Better Playlist
- Better Social Counter
- Blockquote Pack
- Smartlists Pack
- Better ost Views
- Slider Revolution
- ACF Pro

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Download Links

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Download Publisher v7.7.0 – RC1

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