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FileBear v1.5 [Premium File Sharing]

Free Download FileBear v1.5 [Premium File Sharing] Download Free FileBear v1.5 is a file sharing software that fits most purposes. It allows you to share files with your friends, colleagues, use it as a personal file storage platform or even provide premium features to your customers.

User Features

File Upload

Your users are able to upload all types of files and access them via their account

Thumbnail Generation

If your server has all necessary modules installed, you can enable preview image generation. This will allow you to display preview images for all type of images and PDFs

Organize your Files

FileBear allows you to organize your files within different folders. It is possible to move files and folders around via drag and drop.

Favorite Files

If you need to access specific files on a frequent basis you can mark them to be highlighted.

Premium Subscription

Users can buy a premium subscription if they wish to. They are able to select different payment terms and/or payment methods. If notifications are enabled they’ll get notified when there subscription is about to run out. A renew option is then displayed in the user dashboard.

Notification Mails

If configured users will receive notification emails for various types of account activities.

Admin Features


All important informations on one page.

User Management

View all your users, change their details and edit premium subscriptions. If needed you can manually delete a user too.

File Management

Display all files your users have uploaded. If needed you can delete files.

File Storage

By default three types of storage engines are supported. You can either enable Local Storage, FTP Storage or Storage in AWS3.

Payment Settings

If premium features are enabled, two payment engines are available by default: Paypal and Stripe. You can also define multiple payment terms with additional discounts.

Email notifications

You should always keep your users up to date! That’s why a rich set of email templates are already implemented. You can send notification emails to your users via a configured SMTP server. If you want to, you can customize each notification template.

Release Notes

BUGFIX: File Sharing not working properly 
BUGFIX: PayPal Livemode not working

Modified files
- application/views/user/dashboard.php
- application/libraries/payment/paypal/init.php

- BUGFIX: Division by zero fixed in StorageInteraction.php
- BUGFIX: Fixed Javascript errors in user and admin dashboard 
- BUGFIX: Upload Limitations
- BUGFIX: undefined index uid when renaming folders 
- BUGFIX: responsive version enhanced

- FEATURE: Implementation of language file for error / success messages started 
- FEATURE: Interactive Upload Status
- FEATURE: Improved Usage Statistics 

- MISC: Updated Codeingiter to 3.17

Modified files:
- application/controllers/Upload.php
- application/controllers/Dashboard.php
- application/controllers/File.php
- application/controllers/Login.php
- application/core/MY_Controller.php
- application/libraries/UsageStatistics.php
- application/views/header_loggedin.php
- application/views/dashboard.php
- application/views/login.php
- application/views/admin/footer.php
- system/*

v1.0, v1.1
- Initial Release


– PHP Version 5.6 or newer

– MySQL Server

– 1x Cronjob

– MySQL: only_full_group_by shall be set to „off“

– gd library for png,jpg,gif preview generation

– Imagick for PDF preview image generation

All files uploaded using our tool, are within your own responsibility. We can not be held accountable for any files uploaded using our software. Further we can not be held accountable for any loss or damage resulting from a defect in the software.

Demo FileBear v1.5 [Premium File Sharing]

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Free Download FileBear v1.5 [Premium File Sharing]

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