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BioLinks v1.6.1 [Boost Instagram Bio Linking]

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Download Free BioLinks v1.6.1 [Boost Instagram Bio Linking]. This is the latest version and was last updated on May 19, 2018. On Codecanyon. Free Download BioLinks 1.6.1 [Boost Instagram Bio Linking] is a problem solver for Instagram’s linking problem. Have you ever wanted to manage multiple links through your instagram account and you found out you can only put one unique link in your bio? If so, then this is the solution for you and your users. Create a great website where you register and add as many links as you want and only paste your custom profile’s url in your instagram’s bio and never change it again


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  • Facebook login integration
  • Instagram login integration
  • PayPal and Stripe gateways for payments
  • Money Maker: Payments ready for your users to buy stuff from you :)
  • Colored links ( premium ): Users have the option to purchase the ability to have colored links.
  • User Profiles: Custom user profiles and urls.
  • SoundCloud Music Parser – If you add a link for a SoundCloud Song, in the Profile Page it will automatically embed that SoundCloud Song
  • YouTube Video Parser – If you add a link to a YouTube Video, in the Profile Page it will automatically embed that YouTube Video
  • Twitch Channel Parser – If you add a link to a Twitch Channel, in the Profile Page it will automatically embed that Twitch Channel
  • Links Hits: Check how many hits any link of yours has got in total.
  • Responsive: Responsive and clean design thanks to bootstrap 3
  • Forgot Password & Resend Activation:
  • and many more..
  • Drag and drop reorder of links in the dashboard
  • Check out the demo for a full feature list..

Admin Features

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  • Automatic Payment System: Earn money with packages sold through points ( Paypal or Stripe )
  • Custom Pages: Easy add / edit / delete custom pages directly from the admin panel.
  • Users Management: View, Edit, Activate / Disable, Delete Users
  • Links Management: View, Edit, Delete Links
  • Payments List: View all the payments made with Paypal or Stripe to the Website
  • Dynamic Titles: Each page has a dynamic title, with the option to change your websites name
  • Analytics Ready: Just enter your analytics tracking id and you’re ready to go
  • 3 Ready Adspots: Top, header and profile optional adspots
  • reCaptcha: Setup your recaptcha directly from the admin panel
  • SMTP Settings: Setup your SMTP Mailer directly through the admin panel.
  • Social Settings: Share your Instagram, YouTube, Twitter or Facebook profiles of the website
  • Multi Language System: Easy 1 file JSON translation
  • Statistics:Great overall and monthly statistics with cool charts


  • PHP 5.6 ( or higher )
  • MySQLi
  • Rewrite Engine (htaccess)
  • curl, json & openssl extensions must be enabled ( PayPal payment integration )

Recommended Hosting: Link


Update 2.1.0 – 18 May, 2018

Reworked & more secure persistent login system ( when you check the rememberme button )

Update 2.0.1 – 18 May, 2018

Fixed phpMailer not working

Update 2.0.0 – 18 May, 2018

Added SoundCloud Music Parser – If you add a link for a SoundCloud Song, in the Profile Page it will automatically embed that SoundCloud Song
Added YouTube Video Parser – If you add a link to a YouTube Video, in the Profile Page it will automatically embed that YouTube Video
Added Twitch Channel Parser – If you add a link to a Twitch Channel, in the Profile Page it will automatically embed that Twitch Channel
Redesigned index page
Redesigned admin experience
Reworked overall feel and look of all the pages outside of the logged in accounts.
Added the NoAds Package to the Store for people who want to remove their ads from the site and from the profile page.
SMTP Settings Reworked with multiple options to set up the SMTP.
Account Settings Page Reworked
Added the possibility for the user to change his Username
Whole Passwords System reworked
Admin Payments List Page added
Admin Dashboard Page Reworked
Admin Statistics Page Reworked
Admin Pages Page Management Reworked
Bootstrap upgraded to 4.1.0
FontAwesome upgraded to 5
Admin Panel Pages Management – now they won’t strip html tags causing things to not work properly once custom html is inserted.
Dashboard Cards now can be dragged by a specific icon, to fix user experience on mobile phones.
Many bugfixes on the overall product

Update 1.6.1 @ 23 April, 2018

Fixed login and registration bug after the previous update.
Added Store Colored Default option Where the admin can set if new users will have the Colored option enabled by default or not.
Bootstrap library updated
restructured the database connection ( take care when updating )

Update 1.5.5 @ 28 March, 2018

Fixed small bug with Recaptcha Library

Update 1.5.4 @ 26 March, 2018

At the request of most of you: Removed the ”@” from the profiles page. Now all users profile are accessible without any special character in front or after ( ex: )
IMPORTANT!: Make sure to update your admin’s username / password with the line provided in the how to update file. It is important to do that since we removed the ”@” and we need to differentiate between the “admin” as admin page and “admin” as user profile.

Update 1.5.3 @ 22 March, 2018

Fixed Facebook Login issue with the new Facebook Login Strict URL Announcement

Update 1.5.2 @ 12 March, 2018

Changes related to the design and feel in the index page
Admin is now able to edit user’s packages manually also ( verified or colored )
Improved some other portions of admin panel
Improved the look of the profiles in larger devices

Update 1.5.1 @ 18 February, 2018

Profile page buttons improved responsiveness in case the device has a low resolution or the text of the buttons are too large.
Improved tooltips for the admin panel
Improved admin panel with a better feel / usability

Update 1.5.0 @ 14 February, 2018

Instagram Login added.
Redesign of homepage
Design improvements to dashboard
Updated libraries
Fixed a lot of small bugs

Update 1.4.0 @ 24 January, 2018

Stripe Payment Gateway added. :)
Other small improvments

Update 1.3.0 @ 20 December, 2017

Added the option to reorder links from the dashboard ( Drag and drop reorder )

Update 1.2.1 @ 28 October, 2017

Fixed paypal not going to live mode on checkout
Now facebook login redirects to dashboard too

Update 1.2.0 @ 25 October, 2017


Fixed potential bug when uploading avatars on some webhosts.
Fixed potential bugs with SMTP Mailing on newer PHP Versions
Now activation emails send a clickable link to activate the user account
Now after activation, a custom message will be shown and the user will be redirected to the login page
Fixed some potential bugs when deleting users from the admin panel
Removed some unnecessary files
Added the profile link of the user in the Menu dropdown

Update 1.1.0 @ 15 October, 2017

Added new package to purchase for users Colored link.
Added preview of the profile on the dashboard’s sidebar
Other small improvements.
After you login, it now redirects you directly to the dashboard.

Update 1.0.1 @ 11 October, 2017

Fixed some bugs on the homepages ( buttons not working )

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